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SenTrak is our centralized Offender Management Database that stores offender information and monitoring event data. It is used throughout all of our supervision and monitoring programs providing authorized personnel with secure, real-time access to their offender populations. This database is used to monitor offenders through electronic supervision and GPS tracking, as well as to operate kiosk programs and perform breath alcohol testing at an offender's residence.

SenTrak database service features include:
  • Tracking of offenders through any of our electronic monitoring and GPS tracking services
  • Collect residential breath alcohol tests from offenders
  • Handle caseload information for community based case management programs
  • Process kiosk payments and collection of fees, fines, or restitution
  • Process and track offender check-in activity at kiosks
  • Access to SenTrak is available through basic Internet access, with no special programs or hardware modifications needed
  • "Real-time" system updates all information when a transaction or data entry is processed
  • SSL secure site ensures information integrity and security
  • No hardware or software modifications needed for agency personnel to use SenTrak